Ron Paul Rising – Feel proud, you’re part of it.

22 12 2007

A truly inspirational video about the wonderful recent developments in which so many of us took part. Great to see the influence we can all have taking part in this piece of American history. Spread the message! This is one of the finest political ads I have ever seen. Ron Paul has inspired such great creativity from so many people it is truly awe inspiring to be a part of this revolution.

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Regifting for Ron Paul

22 12 2007

Give the gift of liberty and freedom this Christmas season. Regift for Ron Paul this year. How many Ron Paul supporters can not afford to max out their potential $2300 limit for donations to the Ron Paul campaign? I would bet quite a few given that the average donation to the Paul campaign has been in the range of $50-$100.

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Glenn Beck Show Scrolls Paul Is Dead Message During Interview

19 12 2007

On Tuesday at 7 Eastern Glenn Beck interviews Ron Paul and scrolls the message Paul is Dead, Paul is Dead, Paul is Dead from Huckabee on the bottom of the screen.

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An open letter to Ron Paul on solving the health care crisis

9 12 2007

This is a proposal for tax incentives instead of setting up a Universal Health Care system. It could in my opinion be a far simpler and cheaper solution to the problem.

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Ron Paul fires back at Newsweek ‘hit’ piece

6 12 2007

Magazine ridicules North American Union, superhighway as baseless conspiracies, but some 14 states passing resolutions to oppose the North American Union and NAFTA Superhighways, amendments passed in Congress have taken away funds for North American integration projects and Virgil Goode has some 50 sponsors for his bill in the House

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Pledge your vote for Ron Paul

1 12 2007

Visit this site and pledge your vote for Ron Paul in your state’s primary. This is a link that should be passed on far and wide to show the support that Ron Paul has in a graphic way.

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Pledge for Paul

Do the Math; Ron Paul is the best choice for President

24 11 2007

…That would mean that this medium US city of 500,000 wage earner households would have an added $2,469,960,000 injected into their local economy annually. That is a big number.

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