Putting a Dollar Value to the Ron Paul Grass Roots Support

16 10 2007

Ron Paul has over 55,000 meet up volunteers at this point and the number grows every day almost. To put his volunteer numbers in a context that the MSM can understand I wanted to point out that those campaigns that have few or no volunteer support but have a great deal of campaign cash must spend lots of money in order to attract votes. The candidate with by far the most on the ground support is Ron Paul and while he might not have top of the heap money like Clinton or Obama he does have a huge groundswell of volunteer support that not only will likely contribute far more money than last quarters record of $5,080,000 in this coming forth quarter they will be giving him much of their time and attention as well.

The cost if someone with little volunteer support like Guilani to have Ron Paul’s enthusiastic volunteer support, he would have to have 55,000 paid campaign workers. Lets say he were to pay them minimum wage of $5.10 per hour for a mere 4 hours per week that would be a cost to his campaign of $1,122,000 per week. For the sake of this argument lets add that up over these next 12 critical weeks of this campaign. That would total out to be worth $13,464,000.

I dare say that Ron Paul’s volunteer support will translate into a number of new donations as well but if you simply look at this figure he is pulling in a greater value than the money that Guilani or Thompson combined up to this point just with this volunteer support base. This kind of thing will have a far larger pay off than can be estimated at this point but I thought that people should get an idea of the base value of this volunteer support for Paul in a dollar figure.




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17 10 2007
golf » <b>Putting</b> a Dollar Value to the Ron Paul Grass Roots Support

[…] came across this post – <b>Putting</b> a Dollar Value to the Ron Paul Grass Roots Support – and thought it was worth sharing. I hope you find it interesting too and take the time to read […]

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