The Ron Paul Revolution Is Now Army Strength

10 10 2007

To put his meetup group volunteer support in perspective based on the information available from Wiki on military organization, let me just state that at this time the Ron Paul Revolution volunteer army is now made up of more than 2 Corps in strength or an Army if you will.

His total today just blew past 55,000 meet-up members. Meetup as many of you know is the metric for measuring real world on the ground volunteer support for a candidate.

His nearest competition as far as boots on the ground goes to a Democrat, Barack Obama who’s volunteer strength is roughly measured at 1 Brigade. His total just crept past 6,000 meet-up members.

If the old establishment media cronies had a clue this would be the most important issue they would ask Ron Paul about when they give him a interview. I would if I were them. I believe I would word the question to him thusly: Congressman Paul if you do not receive the nomination for President in the GOP primaries what do you intend to do with your army of supporters Sir?

That question has to be on their minds by now. If the growth curve on this metric continues as it has been growing his army may well have grown to an Army Group which is 2 armies. That is some people power my friends. That has got to be keeping them up nights.





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