Calling Ron Paul a GOP Spoiler is Ridiculous

10 10 2007

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Ridiculous because if the GOP is unwise enough not to nominate Ron Paul for POTUS then they are going to lose the general election anyway. The issue of the Iraq War boondoggle is not going to go away if Rudy McRompson is nominated for the GOP. With 70%+ of the US voting population against a continuation of this war just how does the GOP figure they will swing that around with a Rudy McRompson.

I must conclude that Sullivan’s Daily Dish must include some hallucinogens, and Chris Weigant at the Huffington Post must be huffing something really mind bending if they concluded as they state in the articles linked above that Ron Paul could be a spoiler for the GOP

I know they trotted out poor old Elmer Fud Thompson but you can see that his lovely trophy wife is keeping him up at night too much for him to actually be the President of the United States. Where would he get the energy at his age? You can tell this right away. With their popular actor, CFR inside man, and wannabe Reagan not being a real contender do the GOP leadership really think 9/11 Rudy can rally the faithful to victory? Not a chance with the evangelical vote going South of an already anemic and bleeding GOP electorate in this election cycle. Even the likable lame duck Huckster is not going to impassion the GOP to rally enough crossovers to win in the general election. Colbert could have him on every week from now until the election and that is not going to happen.

Ron is their only chance, and if they do not pick the Honorable Ron Paul for POTUS then they do not care if they achieve victory in the election for President. That may well be the case but the electorate of the United States is awakening as never before and Ron Paul is striking a chord that is resonating in more people every day. All Ron Paul has to do is hang in there and we will help him get his message in front of as many people as possible before the primaries.

I like to watch the new widget they have on RonPaul2008 for the funding numbers for the Ron Paul campaign now. I can just go there once a day and see that the message of freedom is catching on and this prairie fire is not going out no matter how many buckets of water the Old Establishment Media tries to dump on it.





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1 12 2007
honorable ron paul

[…] Calling Ron Paul a GOP Spoiler is Ridiculous […]

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