Why Are Pundits So Clueless Why Ron Paul Brought in 5.1 million?

5 10 2007

I have read every story from these various self possessed opinion makers in political news and blog sites and the pundits are so clueless it is pitiful. They ask Ron Paul and even Paul gave them an answer that hinted at the truth but he was just too courteous or perhaps too wise to come out and say it. What do I know right. I know what I feel and what I have read from supporters and it seems pretty clear to me. The secret for success in Congressman Ron Paul’s Campaign is his call to roll back the police state. That is the one thing that brings a wide coalition of voters together from many parties. I mean come on they are spying on every American indiscriminately, tasering children and breaking their arms, escalating every situation they can to reinforce the need for this police state. This situation is getting pretty serious and everyone knows it.

The most clear and present dangers to the US population is the rise of the police state, and the directly associated power grab by the military industrial complex. The obvious thing that is coming and that we all are concerned about it a complete take over by an incremental application of Martial Law by the central state and the suppression of all personal liberty and basic enslavement of the population to require them to show their papers and submit to a search or stop at any time just like in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

The candidate most likely to effect this kind of roll back, of the police state to secure the liberty and freedom of the Citizens of the United States of America is certainly the Honorable Ron Paul. That simple and profound realization of that fact will soon enter into the mass mind of the US voting population then Ron Paul will break out. He has in fact already started that break out and the explanation to me is pretty clear.

Realization of his success can be found in the population having a realization about the Candidate. It does not require a belief in some conspiracy theory to watch all of this happening on the news and online. They took away Habeas Corpus, they torture people until they sign a confession.

Ron Paul would never allow this behavior if he were POTUS. Well that is my opinion. What do you think?





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