Ron Paul For President, a Vote to Dismantle the Leviathan Beast

1 10 2007

A vote for Ron Paul for President is in essence a vote to dismantle, defund and cut down to size the War Hungry Leviathan Beast that is our bloated government. It has clearly become a danger to the people that it is supposed to protect and we have lost faith in this Beast and its appetites which are both frightening and foul.

A Ron Paul Presidency is the clearest possible signal that the electorate of the United States can send to the profiteers of Leviathan government that we have lost all patience with the present situation of a constantly and artificially reinforced Welfare/Warfare state. We will not fund it with our tax dollars any longer, and we will not vote for those who work to keep Leviathan fat and happy instead of the voters.

Everything on the Ron Paul platform is a clear indication to the voter that he intends to work for us and immediately start to dismantle and erode the power and control systems of the beast. The National ID card that would allow the beast to track and control every citizen without regard to their privacy thus denying liberty to everyone equally. Not if Ron Paul is elected as President. A continent spanning high tech superhighway complete with electronic surveillance and control grid connecting Canada, The United States, and Mexico into one giant North American Super State. Not if Ron Paul is elected as President. Universal Health Care AKA Socialized Medicine for America that would suck away even more of our scarce revenues, again not with a Ron Paul Presidency.

The Neoconservatives and their lap dog media pundits like to call the Ron Paul support base conspiracy theorist, or the kooky fringe element. The funny thing about that is that the so called fringe element is not a fringe at all. It is in fact the up to now either quietly desperate and aware, or those in complete and willful denial of how bad things are majority of the electorate. That majority that is slowly waking to the severity of their situation and realize that Ron Paul as President is the best way we as a people can work to defeat this huge and scary beast we have allowed to grow to this point of serious threat to all of our national security and individual liberty interests.

This election we can send a clear message to the 100s of species of tax eating parasite that live in the guts of the District of Columbia that we are hiring a Doctor to remove them from the body politic. Dr. Ron Paul is our man and the reason is that we must begin to dismantle, and defund this liberty eating and treasure hungry Leviathan to stop it from eating away our future and the future of our children. Electing Ron Paul as President and then going on to hire only people like him to congress will restore our Republic and protect our nation from sure destruction.

We should not support a Leviathan beast that wants to downsize and control the people of The United States by grinding them down with endless warfare, sapping their resources with growing welfare, while threatening the rest of the world with a rain of destruction. We need to instead downsize Leviathan and make it less of a threat to the security and prosperity of our children and quit threatening the rest of the world.





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