The Constitutional Values Voter, Republican Party Presidential Forum

30 09 2007

Now that would be something revealing of the true value of a Presidential Candidate’s oath of office to uphold and defend the constitution. I propose that all presidential candidates are sequestered and ask to give an oral presentation unscripted on their understanding of each one of the bill of rights and amendments of the Constitution. This would then be published and available from each of the Candidates on a dedicated youtube page and made available in high definition for news outlets immediately following the forum.

In this way Constitutional Values (CV) voters could evaluate each candidate for President side by side on constitutional scholarship. What better way to pick a President than for us as CV voters to see each one give his or her unscripted verbal summation of each constitutional amendment.

The reason to sequester each candidate from another is so that one can not use the knowledge of another candidate that has given a brilliant summery. This keeps the real winner from being copied unfairly. If any of the candidates does not show for this Constitutional Values (CV) voter forum they will loose the support of those of the electorate who support our constitution with our vote.




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