Romney Preempts Call for GOP Housecleaning but Ron Paul will do the Cleaning

23 09 2007

I commend Romney on his call for the GOP to get its house in order. I whole heartedly agree with him on this issue and commend him for his preemptive call for this needed self analysis for the GOP. Here is where we part company. The most important detail is exactly who in the GOP will do the cleaning. I think if the smug little group of neocon GOP leadership would wake up and look around at who is showing up in mass to their leadership gatherings more and more it is Ron Paul supporters. You can keep expecting to see more and more of us as the caucuses near.

The Ron Paul support base is the fastest growing grass roots political organization in the United States at this point it is clear by the most important metrics this early in the season. Ron Paul has a grass roots organization that is growing worldwide and in the US has reached a level that suggests a critical mass is approaching. While some of the criticism against the support base has made the news more than the success of Ron Paul in many of the straw polls it is also making it clear that Dr. Paul is pulling from a very wide base of support that is going to be hard to really deny when the votes are cast.

While it is true that only a tiny fragment of the party typically get out to vote in the primaries, it will not seem so when the huge on the ground support base for Congressman Ron Paul is blanketing every key area with road signs and huge sign waving crowds lined up in every major road way in every critical state to the GOP. When the throngs of Ron Paul supporters show up in every key primary state and vote in droves we will not seem like a minority voting block then.

At that point let us say that the GOP housecleaning will be well under way by the time they realize it is the Ron Paul Republican’s that have taken over the GOP and started dumping off the dead wood. The message of Freedom Unites US. Thanks for all you do Ron Paul. Hope for America indeed in many ways.


This is a little inspirational video for you Ron Paul fans.




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