The I.N.C. and IntelCenter Both use 666 Logos

10 09 2007

I was reading about the latest doctored Al-CIAda tape to be released by Intelcenter when I noticed their logo graphic.

Intelcenter 666 logo

This rather dark and ominous image with its Satanic red and black colors also represents the number 666 in a circle. While that in itself is weird later in the day I was watching “The War On Iraq” video I had just downloaded on torrent when I noticed that a very similar logo is used by the I.N.C. (Iraqi National Congress). This struck me as just very strange.

Iraqi National Congress 666 Logo

While alignment of the number 666 is different than the one for the IntelCenter logo it is clearly visible to anyone who has some knowledge of symbolism. I just find it strange that the people involved in this conflict would choose to use this 666 circle symbol. That is just my basic paranoia working over time I guess.

So what else do the 2 organizations have in common? Well they both have manufactured intelligence that promotes the war in Iraq. The INC without a doubt if you watch that documentary linked above manufactured intelligence prewar for the neocons. The IntelCenter manufactures all of the so called Bin Laden tapes just when the neocons need it most for their Iraq war PR. That in itself is enough of a link that it deserves being looked at in my opinion.




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