The Real Metric Indicating a Ron Paul Groundswell is Meet-Up

7 09 2007

Taken Oct 10, 2007 from


53,033 Members 6,179 Interested 986 Groups 789 Cities 21 Countries 8,545 Events so far

The next nearest Presidential Candidate is Barack Obama with 6,030 members.

As far as I am concerned the only metric for a Groundswell of support for a Presidential Campaign in the United States today is their on the ground volunteer supporters. Fox news can talk all the crap they want this metric clearly indicates real boots on the ground national support for a candidate for President. I care not how many facebook entries your candidate might have or the number of friends they have on myspace the true metric of a real world groundswell of support that will translate into boots on the ground in an election goes to the meetup members for that candidate.

What other metric can compare? Not even the bull crap scientific polls are as good a measure of real support in my opinion.

You will notice how Hannity disputed FOX text message poll results had about the same total numbers in support of Ron Paul as the number for the Ron Paul meet-up members listed here. This directly confronts any notion from Fox host Hannity that their spam proof poll was spammed in Ron Paul’s favor for the Sept 5 debate winner selection. I say Hannity is a liar and knew he was lying then and should retract that statement publicly in my opinion.

It is clear from comparing this number that no other candidate Republican or Democrat has a meet-up metric any where near as high as Dr. Paul does. I can feel the Earth move under my feet. The smug neocons have such a surprise in store for them and they mock our man Ron Paul as though we are not watching and taking notes.

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23 09 2007
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