Ron Paul is Changing the Electorate Profile of the GOP

6 09 2007

The GOP electorate for years has looked more and more like a stuck up bunch of elitist snobs. All of the leadership seem to be trying to suck up to us to obtain power through our consent for them to hold office. They lie without a blink, and can cajole a Republican audience with pretty conservative sounding platitudes while they plan to go about the business as usual of carving up our country for their globalist corporatist masters and subverting our civil liberties. They play upon an established voting block of willfully ignorant people who are far too trusting for their own good.

They ignore as irrelevant the Constitution they have sworn an oath to uphold and protect. We can continue to accept this condition as we have for the entire time I have been of voting age or we can choose to jump on this once in a lifetime opportunity that Ron Paul’s presidential bid has provided us and elect a person for President who for a change will truly work for us, and with us to change the direction of this nation.

Ron Paul stated that we get the government we vote for. How sad but this means that all the non voting complainers like myself that for many seasons did not vote for President because it was truly a matter of picking the lesser of two evils has helped to doom us to this condition. The fact remains that if we choose not to vote we have chosen to remain silent as our once great nation is gutted and pillaged by these swine. Silence is after all implied consent.

What I see when I look at the electorate that is forming around the Ron Paul campaign is a supercharged bunch that are desperate to not allow our nation to fail without a fight. It will take courage to be different, and be on the spot in places that make us uncomfortable, like in a room full of smug elitist neocons. We will have to withhold our revulsion long enough to establish our majority and vote out those who currently are in control.

Politics is a numbers game. If you have the numbers you take the day and win if you do not you lose and go home. Many of us are concerned that the election machines are easy to rig as has been revealed. The only way to overcome this situation is to demand that we have open source elections now and in the future. Also see Black Box Voting

We are far more numerous than the so called GOP base and so we need to simply use our numbers to become the new GOP base. The GOP is so small right now they are vulnerable to a take over. That is what happened with the neocon take over. The old line republicans did not have the numbers and they lost control of the party. The same thing can happen again but it takes the ability to enter the lions den and have no fear.

This peaceful revolution using the opportunity of taking over a weakened GOP is the most likely one to bring us the result we all desire. We all can agree that we want peace, prosperity, liberty and life. These are the things we all most need and the only way to obtain it from those who seek to enslave us to is demand it by casting our vote for Ron Paul and taking over the GOP for good.

The divisive idea that we need to have 4 or 5 different parties thus diluting our strength of numbers has demonstrated it is not an effective strategy for obtaining our goal of a restored republic. We have to ignore our differences and embrace our similar interests and take over the GOP and then through our vote change the platform to reflect the new consensus of our reformed GOP majority.

If we can not do this in time to get Ron Paul the nomination we must continue in spite of this and keep at it to effect the performance of our elected officials. We must make them feel our presence in every political debate. Fear is what they are selling but it is fear of us that is driving them to attack Ron Paul. They are facing an awakened and electrified electorate in this up coming primary season and are truly scared.

They fear that we will no doubt be calling for independent investigations of their crimes. That we will vote to remove their privileges and centralized control systems. The fear from the establishment might be fun for us to see but we must also be weary of what they might do. A beast does not give up quietly. The leviathan might be afraid but that is also when it is most dangerous if predictable. It will require us staying the course in this peaceful war against Leviathan. It might take several election cycles to dismantle this beast but we certainly will have the right man to start the job if we can manage to get Ron Paul elected as President.

After reviewing this article I thought that I would like to contribute this slogan for Ron Paul’s campaign. Tell me how you like it.


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