Ron Paul demolishes the competition in the Sept 5 FOX debate

6 09 2007

For the little time they give Ron Paul this scrappy character can sure serve you up a whopping as he did with Huckabee in their little spat. You better have your facts straight if you want to do battle with Dr. Paul. The entire debate was set up to try and beat up on Ron Paul’s anti-war message and box him in as a fringe candidate but Ron Paul cut that off from the get go by splitting himself from the field on the Iraq War from the start by welcoming Fred Thompson to the race because that simply worked to his advantage by diluting the pro war candidates further. His side of the argument in America about the Iraq war is pretty clearly ahead of the neocons in the polls.

Ron Paul is kept on emotional and divisive issues throughout these debates as can be clearly seen by anyone who is objective at all in their observations I think. His ideas on sound money are never allowed to be voiced and when you split off the tax issue and foreign policy issues and do not include how sound money will solve a great deal of this big government debate because it will not be possible to do these extravagant adventures without spending real money not some fiat made up stuff that we have been using for money these years since the FED started.

Their limiting him in the debates is not working when people who hear him scrap in these debates they hear a fresh voice that is saying an old message the conservatives want to hear. We can not afford this war and we would not have afforded a lot of wars without inflating our currency and stealing from our children’s children by giving them huge debt they have to pay for someday.




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