Ron Paul Revolution a Coalition of the Willing to Restore our Constitutional Republic

1 09 2007

I was viewing the latest youtube videos of the Ron Paul revolution and had a thought. We are a true “coalition of the willing. We are willing to expect less from government and give them a whole lot less of our hard earned money as well. We want to reduce the size, scope and intrusiveness of our servant government and get them out of our pocket for good. We need to have our constitutional republic restored to its pre-treasonous globalist sell out harmful to liberty condition. We will not hire another political figure that is not working for us.
If you have any doubt that your government is not working in your best interest you must have been hiding in a cave or under a rock for the past 7 years.

The Ron Paul Revolution is about people realizing that hey these guys do not act in our best interest and we should remove them before they do some more harm to us. This entire terrorist hyperbole game is getting pretty tired. Lets just arm every American Citizen and if someone has a box cutter and tries to hijack a plane we can shoot him or taser him or some such thing and there you have it. Problem solved! If you are not a citizen you can’t carry a gun. If you are a so called domestic terrorist everyone will also have a gun so chances are if you go off you will be shot before you can do much damage.

If the terrorist get some nukes then they probably got them from someone so let everyone know that if you give nukes to a terrorist we will nuke you back for your trouble. Problem solved. All these solutions are cheap and effective and have a proven track record of success. Lets quit with the wiretapping for political reasons, and the terror state alerts and just let us manage our own affairs. The Ron Paul revolutionaries are the same kind of folks that will pick up a rifle and defend our own home and we do not need to wait for a cop to show up and save us from the bad guy. We are quite effective when we must defend ourselves. We are not afraid of terrorist we are a lot more afraid of the power grab the central government has taken in recent years and the irresponsible use of our trust they have demonstrated.

These are the kind of issues that bring people together. What kind of world are we going to leave our children. Are we going to allow them to dissolve our nation into some world government nanny state that chips and controls us. I do not think so. That is something that the other candidates for president will bring us I am certain and they are proven to be bought and paid for by corporatist interest.

This is the kind of issues that grab us and make us want to do gorilla marketing for Ron Paul on our own dime. A guy paints “Google Ron Paul” on the roof of his apartment building in big letters so passengers from a big airport can see it from their plane window as they take off. They hang huge signs from bridges to let people know there is someone running for President that will actually work for us for a change. Most of us are not old enough to remember a candidate that was as honest and dedicated to America as Ron Paul and that brings people together from every walk of life.

We truly are a coalition of the willing to restore our constitutional republic. If you believe in Ron Paul it is likely that there is some of the blood of the American Revolution running through your veins. I know it does in mine because I can feel it when Ron Paul speaks the truth to everyone.




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5 09 2007

Rock on! Awesome blog man!

Hey, do you listen to Alex Jones? He has got to be Ron Paul’s biggest supporter:

5 09 2007

I started listening to Jones when he was on Austin Access late at night. He was even more of a firebrand in those days. I loved the butter knife brigades he talked about for the people that did not have the foresight and planning to own a firearm.

I do not listen to him much now days because I simply do not have time for my information flow to be passively obtained. I read a lot more than I listen to anything.

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