Chipping our Servant Government to Assure Their Responsible Behavior

1 09 2007

I have heard a lot about the RealID Act and how it will lead ultimately to every law abiding citizen being chipped and tracked. I started to think about this from a Constitutional prospective, and came to the conclusion that the politicians in this nation of laws have been acting so much more per capita as criminals that we should perhaps insist that they instead be chipped and track all of them closely.

It makes perfect sense. They are drawing a paycheck from our nickel the US electorate. What do we get in return. They take our faith in them doing what they say they will do and then they twist it and not only do they involve themselves in perversion and crime and do it in our name using our vote as currency to betray us later on. Their high crimes have reached a fever pitch in this nation. We are so badly represented that the entire world hates us and burns our flag in the streets. It is disgraceful to be a US citizen and travel abroad in many areas (like Europe).

We seriously need to rethink this legislation and instead vote to chip and track the politicians instead of the citizens who are the ones that pay for all this nonsense. We need to be able to see what these guys are saying and what they are asking money for. We as the American electorate need to watch our law makers like we do on CSPAN but more in real time. When they put forward a vote we need to see it, we also need to see and hear who talked them into this idea for legislation and have that as open book info we can access from a searchable archive as has been suggested.

We also need to know that they are acting in good faith and not straying from their Constitutional bounds or duty in real time so who should really be chipped and tracked. The Servant Government or the Master Electorate. I think we should put this to a vote. Once enough of us have been educated to the stakes in this political process and had time to act in our own best interest.




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