Christian Zionist Promote Iran War To Bring About Armageddon

30 08 2007

Politics indeed has some strange bedfellows when it comes to religiously inspired political unions. Nothing makes this more clear than the recent history of the Israeli groups like AIPAC, and the US Christian right groups like CUFI. Both of these groups and many others associated with them are forming a voting block that has powerful connections in our war party governments. Christian politicians like Ron Paul are often seen as not Zionist enough for these extreme but powerful influence groups.

In fact if you are an American Patriot, and a Christian, but are not a Zionist you are immediately labeled a Jew Hater, or a Nazi by these extremist. Nothing about them is Pro-American or Republican in my view. They clearly and quite proudly promote a war with Iran to help to bring about Armageddon. To them it seems perfectly acceptable to state that they are Christian Zionist first, then Americans, then Republicans in that order.

These Anti-American, Un-Constitutional, Pro-War, Liberty Haters are a bigger danger to our nation than any other political actors in America or in the State of Israel. They promoted the war with Iraq and were influential in bringing about the war. Now once again they beat the war drum this time for an attack on Iran, and see it as their direct biblical duty to bring in the entire United States into war with all of Islam. To them the Crusades are not over but it is a thousand year war they are still fighting. The Unites States to them is just a proxy to obtain their interest in bringing about Armageddon and then the return of Christ.

This dangerous group of radicals are a clear and present danger and have no place in American politics in my opinion. They represent the most extreme, desperate, and unreasoning of political groups in the US but their power has grown in the GOP to the point were leaders no matter how much they fear their political motives also fear losing their big block of votes which by their own estimate is about 50 million hard core get out to vote types mostly from the Bible belt region.

A good source for more reading on this is listed in the links below.




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18 09 2007

Thanks for the article. Keep spreading the truth; it’s not going out of style.

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