With or without Ron Paul the revolution is not going away, so get used to it.

28 08 2007

Ronistas, Paulites, Ronbots what ever you want to call us we are not going away and we out number most any other politically active group on the internet by a large margin as can clearly be seen from viewing any of the online polls of the Republican Presidential hopefuls. We need our constitutional republic restored and nothing is going to stand in the way of that need being fulfilled. We are not going to stop if Ron Paul does not win the nomination. The dividing elements in our nation need to let go of the idea that we are a divided country. Ron Paul is a candidate we can all get behind both left and right. We all want to be free people right? Does anyone see another candidate for President that wants to promote our liberty more than Ron Paul and has as good a chance as he does of winning?

Should Ron Paul not be nominated as the Presidential candidate for the Republican party the chances of our constitutional republic being restored through a peaceful political process are severely diminished but not entirely gone. We will continue I expect to use the connections and friends we have established in our meet-up groups and continue the fight. I also predict that eventually the Ron Paul republicans will outnumber the neocons within the GOP due to his huge appeal to the young who want to live in a free country and to the elders who remember how things were before the neocon invasion of the GOP.

This nation was founded on the work of the many that established a nation mostly on their own. There was no instant messaging when the colonies sought to oust the King’s army from America and establish our republic. There was no top down command structure. The people took the initiative to go to war with the British on their own for the most part as the word spread of the shot heard round the world. The same thing is happening today. When Ron Paul spoke truth to power and bucked the neocon establishment it was another shot heard round the world. This time it was instantly all over the world for real. The Goldwater/Reagan republicans have lost control of the GOP and now the smug elitist group of Neocons that took over have pissed off the most powerful force in the free world. The American people. We are tired of losing our liberties and being misdirected into these hair brained un-American schemes of the neocons and we want our party and our country back.

I look for the fight to get a lot more serious as the elitist figure out that these hooligans, as they like to call Ron Paul’s noisy and rowdy supporters are not going away and they are all registering to vote as Republicans. We will outnumber them soon and when the votes are counted the leadership in the GOP will be forced out. The neocons are in for the first real fight of their short political history. They are taking on the hardiest bunch of freedom loving people they will have ever seen. We all love Ron Paul and he is the guy to lead this fight but the fight will not stop with him reaching the White House. It will just begin in fact. I predict that Ron Paul will be an example for how we want our government run and the type of political leaders we will get behind from now on and we will start to get more involved in the political process win or lose.

The only other choice is to let our beloved Constitutional Republic slip into the pages of history. I for one will not see that happen. The revolution is not going away any time soon. The battle might get a bit more heated is all.




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