Ron Paul- Leveraging Technology in Asymmetric Political Activism

14 08 2007

A number of political realities have become apparent to those of us who sit passionately watching the political discourse in the United States via our electronic connections. The most obvious is the impact of the broad public adoption of highly advanced user empowering distributed communication applications technology like many of the top Web 2.0 apps that have made the scene in recent years. The result of this has made possible an asymmetric leveraging of the vast and geographically distributed human resources on the ground that share Ron Paul’s objective of smaller government, one that has vastly greater respect for citizens rights to our life, liberty and property.

Organization of this effort in Ron Paul’s Campaign has been for the most part bottom up directed. This type of rapid and effective distributed networking technology can tap into the political process not just by force of numbers alone. The effect of this distributed planning, and even asymmetric funding of largely privately developed PR materials has also become apparent. This technology taps into and works well for leveraging the large popular support base of Ron Paul. It also shows the GOP base that this Candidate can move large numbers of people to participate in the political process even at this early stage. It makes it clear that his platform is already stewing up people and growing the republican base far larger than any other GOP candidate has yet.

Imagine if a Presidential Candidate were to bravely lead his small band of all volunteer activists into a final battle for the hearts and minds of the GOP electorate to wage a campaign against the Neo-Con supporters of Leviathan big government largess. He thought his small base of volunteers would be made up of the few liberty loving, hard core Constitutionist whose sole objective is in securing the political future of their party and their nation, and for the sake of their children’s liberty, freedom. security, and property.

“The Presidential Candidate thought only a small group would show up when his battle cry went out for a revolution against this Leviathan.”

So many will think it is a fool’s battle to try and curtail this beast he worried. At first he found that his road to the White House was traveled with him by only a small stream of supporters, the hardy few that he had expected to come out for the battle. Then soon he discovered the massive online community was largely behind him and this translated into rapidly growing financing of this march on the White House if he was willing to lead this revolution.

Ron Paul’s message has of course been resisted by the corporate controlled main stream media outlets, but that is having a greatly reduced total impact on the candidates message distribution especially among the tech-savvy voters. Conservatives throughout the nation have started to feel the resurgence of real compassionate conservatism in the GOP fostered by the campaign of Ron Paul. A groundswell is hard to miss.

This effect will likely be further magnified in the future using this major distributed event coordination technology. For instance the Ron Paul Meet-Up groups can be coordinated in or near an early primary state to get their people out at a certain time, like rush hour on a Monday evening throughout several key states making their presence known at the busiest intersections banner waving in mass. The events would all of course be independently filmed, but of course the local media is let in on the state wide nature of the phenomena. This will increase the likelyhood that they will send someone to film the story just in case it is corroborated that it is indeed part of a larger story.

Local media seems to be more likely to cover Ron Paul support events at the local level at least. This is one of the possibilities for political marshaling to effectively utilize Ron Paul’s widely distributed support base using their huge numbers along with this distributed coordination capabilities.

The trend in leveraging technology for asymmetric political activism is only going to keep growing in political relevance that is apparent. In order for it to evolve into a real threat to Leviathan there is a serious need to insist on, and if need be develop the technology pro-bono for a more transparent, and reliable vote security methodology in the United States.

People don’t commonly vote if they do not feel represented, Ron Paul’s liberty message is a uniter not a divider so that is covered. People also do not vote if they feel their vote will not be counted. Since the voting public will also need to feel their vote will be securely counted the tech-savvy among us might just have to get together and solve this issue.




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