Iowa ABC Station Gives Ron Paul Supporters Fair Coverage

8 08 2007

In one of the most fair pieces of TV coverage of Ron Paul’s strong support base this local Iowa ABC affiliate shows his vastly growing army of die hard supporters. These tough activists for the Ron Paul campaign braved the rain all day waving banners and stumping for Ron Paul. No other candidate could muster anywhere near this much visible support. I think Iowa will take notice of this campaign if they were tuned into their local ABC station and saw this coverage.

If folks keep supporting Ron Paul like our families futures depends on it we might pull off an upset victory and secure our future yet. I will likely be out there when he comes near to my home state and be waving a banner, shouting, and of course getting it on youtube.

If you read constantly as many of us do you may have also seen the dozens of letters to the editor in newspapers around the country you know the support is out there. I know when I am not working I am on the internet, blogging, or reading articles and reports, I find the material for a story on Ron Paul can be found in any local meet-up group in the country or even overseas as indicated in this NRO article.

Many have suggested that Ron Paul is in a catch 22 situation and that he can’t win because he is not well known enough and not main stream enough to be able to rally the base of the GOP. I think the Paul campaign might just surprise them by bringing in new blood from the electorate and taking over the Republican party.

They need to be kicking the Neo-Cons to the curb for their failure with this misguided Iraq policy, and for taking our Constitution, and our civil liberties far to lightly for the hard core old right conservative Republicans to sit idly by and let them lose the election with another candidate promising more of the same.

With 70% of the country polled wanting us out of Iraq, it is going to be a slam dunk for the Democrats to win if they go that route. This fear mongering strategy only works for little old ladies who do not own computers, have done no research on the issues, and never got into this new internet thing.

The GOP better think long and hard about who they think can really challenge Hillery. Ron Paul obviously has some hard core, hard fighting political activist making up his 30,000 strong grassroots volunteer support base the largest of any candidate this early in an election ever from either party. You can’t ignore that kind of strength for very long.

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