Many of Ron Paul’s Insurgents Would Take a Bullet for Him

7 08 2007

Other GOP Presidential hopefuls have supporters. Ron Paul on the other hand is quoted as having followers or that he is running an insurgency campaign like that of Barry Goldwater in 1964 as John Derbyshire over at the National Review Online has stated. Why this distinction has surfaced and been repeated was an interesting question I am seeking to address in this article.

The other part is why the strong devotion to Ron Paul that has surfaced that sparks this type of characterization from bloggers and pundits alike.

I noticed while viewing various Ron Paul themed YouTube videos that one of the posters had stated in all caps “I WOULD TAKE A BULLET FOR RON PAUL”. I discussed this with my friends and we all agreed that we also share that sentiment. What I find very remarkable is this sentiment is not shared with other candidates, and that it is only found among people like myself and people like this YouTube guy and only for Ron Paul.

I emailed the guy that posted that comment on the video and ask him. You stated that you like myself would take a bullet for Ron Paul. Can you explain this strong sentiment? This is his response.

“I believe Ron Paul is the only hope for my children to grow up in a world that allows them to make their own choices in life. I love my children and quite frankly I love all innocence and would die to protect it. Ron Paul is the defender of the innocent and powerless. I would die with a smile on my face to protect him”.

“I just hope that when he picks his final security staff that he chooses people that even though they may not be the most highly trained, they are the most loyal. Not the sort that take orders from others that put their leader in jeopardy like the Secret Service agents did when JFK was assassinated. I hope Ron Paul picks people like you and me for the task. I would ignore any order that put Ron Paul in a moment of danger because it only takes a moment to change the world.”

I can say that I agree with his sentiment on this issue. I then did a search for “I would take a bullet for Ron Paul” and found this article online from Rob Booth who has a friend who seems to share our sentiment and elaborates further on his reasons and I will quote it here.

Michael mentioned in passing that there were people in Texas who would “take a bullet” for Ron Paul. That sort of floored the DC fella, and he kind of didn’t believe it. Michael replied evenly that yes, if someone were to point a gun at Dr. Paul he would indeed step in between him and the shooter. If you don’t want to take up a lot of their time, just tell them “I’d take a bullet for Ron Paul.””

You can do a search and see exactly what I am talking about here. It is a sentiment that is shared widely by a diverse bunch of people. I personally have thought and have written that I am concerned that if Ron Paul should not be elected President that the United States will continue down its present path and could be absorbed into a North American Union as Lou Dobbs reports, and I simply would be willing to do what ever is necessary to prevent that from happening and a lot of others share my feelings on this subject.

Ron Paul is without a doubt from looking at all of the contenders the only choice the citizens of the United States have at present to avoid this unconstitutional usurpation of our national sovereignty by the one world government advocates.

Ron Paul has stated that he is glad he was invited to the revolution. His statement was to address the fact that his campaign’s strength is not attributed to him alone, but to our recognition that he is the one candidate in the field and in recent history that has the values, judgment, and required philosophical framework of constitutional understanding to be our next President. We know he is honest and is not just mouthing the words to get elected. You can’t fake this kind of sincerity that Ron Paul has displayed over a lifetime of political work.

The title of insurgency for the Ron Paul campaign is I think not quite fair at this point in our nations history. The Free Dictionary lists the meaning as such “insurgency – an organized rebellion aimed at overthrowing a constituted government through the use of subversion and armed conflict.” While we do mean to change our government what we mean to change it to is back to the original constituted government that it once was. The Constitution, that original contract between the Citizens of the United States and our government is in breach. We are seeking to remedy that breach of contract but not to overthrow the government. That is just plain wrong. We mean to restore the republic and enforce the contract.

The best means for this is election. The man to elect to get the ball rolling is certainly Ron Paul. The Ron Paul Revolution will not stop at the Presidency. It will continue into congress and it will be the will of the people that will restore it. We have been lied to, tricked and swindled into these wars for long enough by the power money elite. The path back to a free and restored Republican form of Government is clear and Ron Paul is the man who best suits the needs of the republic.

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7 08 2007
Malcolm and Lauren » Blog Archive » Just Come Home

[…] Many of Ron Paul’s Insurgents would take a bullet for him. […]

9 08 2007

I say it a lot and I mean it. I would take a bullet for Ron Paul. But the question really is, why would I have to, and who would want to shoot him? Well the answer is that Ron Paul represents to me, the restoration of individual liberty, sound money (very dangerous to many power brokers) a non-interventionist foreign policy (very dangerous to the profits of the military industrial complex, now measured in terms of $$TRILLIONS), and the combination of small government and national sovereignty which is dangerous to the globalist schemes. First the formation of a North American Union, then onto a Western hemisphere hegimony called the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) then onto the merging of ALL the regional supranational governing structures under the auspices of the United Nations. Yeah, this too is very dangerous to those who for many years have worked very hard to achieve these goals. But those things are destroying our liberty, our sovereignty, and driving our country into huge amounts of debt.
So if elected Ron Paul would have a huge target on his back which would be covered by my own body.
Is it Ron Paul I would be defending? Well sort of. I do love the man and consider him my hero. I also consider him the greatest American patriot since Thomas Jefferson.
But, like Jefferson or Patrick Henry or Thomas Paine or Ben Franklin some of my other heroes they were not the Revolution. Ron Paul isn’t freedom or our new revolution.
They are figure heads. They are spokesmen who simply articulate very well, the age old truths about freedom, prosperity, self determination and personal responsibility that we all know instinctively. Those “self evident truths” that we know, that we know, that we know.
But in Ron Paul’s case, there are years of effort among very powerful and very wealthy people to reach another understanding of what kind of world, and what kind of country we should live in. These people have a different view of true liberty than Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Ron Paul. It seems that the people who want stronger central power structures in government, which is the antithesis of individual liberty and replaces individual liberty with collective responsibility would want to get Ron Paul out of their way. He is their biggest threat because he has energized people like me and continues to penetrate the hearts of people who inherently understand those age old truths. In our hearts we want liberty and we instinctively know what it is. We may not be able to define it well,or articulate it well and thats what the Ron Pauls and the Thomas Paines are for. But we know what we see isn’t it. Not when there are cameras watching our every move. Not when the government can stop us on the street and search us without cause, and demand of us our national ID card and then throw us in jail without charging us, or giving us a chance to face our accusers. That doesn’t taste and smell like liberty but it’s the perfect sort of subjugation that Ron Paul’s opponents seem to want.
Thats why they would try to kill him and thats why I would stand in the way of their bullets.

9 08 2007
Ron Paul a front runner? | Global Toad News

[…] find it strange that Ron Paul already has supporters who are stating that they would take a bullet for him, but the media constantly pretends like he has no real world support. Share […]

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