We Are Not Amused at Being Used to Belittle Ron Paul

24 07 2007

Now more than ever, Americans who have been harmed by the internationalist policies prevalent among the nation’s political elite are beginning to insist on a return to constitutional principles of government. This, perhaps, accounts for Ron Paul’s growing popularity.

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3 responses

24 07 2007

so what does that have to do with your title? or were you just just fishin?

25 07 2007

You should read the rest of the post where it says “read more” just click there and the rest of the article will explain it for you.

25 07 2007

thanks…i did…i saw what you meant. It’s interesting to me that the most reasoned non attack/support piece I”ve found on Ron Paul was this one, and the birchers are complaining. It didn’t even seem all that harsh toward them, and on occassion based on history they need plenty of attention.

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