Ron Paul’s Presidential Bid a GOP Gift Horse

23 07 2007

After reading articles all day and digging up some of the better done Ron Paul articles and videos on the Internet I realized that Ron Paul with this bid for the Presidency in 2008 has without question provided the Republican Party a Gift Horse that they should appreciate. The results are not in yet as it is simply too early but if my suspicions on the issue are correct Ron Paul will before all is said and done provide the GOP with likely 100’s of thousands of new members. People are already flocking to change their party affiliation to become Republicans so they can vote for Ron Paul in the Republican Primaries. People that have never voted before in their entire life because they did not feel represented are joining the Republican Party to vote for Ron Paul for the Republican nomination for President.

Indeed the Republican base that are true conservatives and have or were switching parties because the neoconservatives had taken over the Republican Party and the party no longer reflected their real conservative values are coming back to the GOP so they can vote for Ron Paul in the primaries.

This to say that the growth of the Republican Party in the year 2007 would not have happened without the leadership of Ron Paul and his Presidential bid in 2008. The GOP owes him a great big thanks in my opinion. With 70% of the American people against the Iraq war and with no other clearly and demonstratively anti-war candidate to field other than Congressman Ron Paul the party would certainly lose the White House in 2008 to the Democratic Party. Clearly for that reason alone the GOP owes the good doctor a great bid of thanks.

Somehow the Republican Party has lost its way as Dr. Paul has said but they should not look his gift horse in the mouth. They should use what political instincts they have left and nominate Ron Paul as their candidate for President in 2008. I know that the neoconservatives hate Ron Paul because he exposes their big government loving liberalism for what it is. They have made unusual efforts with their control of the GOP to keep Ron Paul out of his Congressional office in his home 14th district near Houston TX. They even had then Governor of Texas GW Bush support a Democrat in a cross over bid to try and keep him out. I guess that shows how much alike neo-libs and neo-cons are ideologically.




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