Corporatist Elitist Media Whores Like to say Ron Paul can’t win

22 07 2007

Over the past few months is has become abundantly clear that the pandering corporatist elitist media whores would like to let you know what to think and who to vote for in the coming months. Like they know what’s best for America?

Please save us from wanting too restore our freedom and liberty Main Stream Media Whores!

If these corporatist hucksters had any credibility left it is gone now. I read this NYT article

The piece was by no mistake I am sure written by Christopher Caldwell regular contributor for that huge corporatist pandering neoconservative rag The Weekly Standard home of Iving Kristol often called in paleo-conservative circles as the God Father of the Neo-Cons.

He likes to portray Ron Paul supporters as a bunch of kooks and crazies but I am watching this Spartanburg SC GOP meeting and these look like very mainstream conservative GOP supporters. The kind that like to vote in the primaries and get the party platform firmly situated on our tried and true Low Taxes, Pro Liberty, and Pro Life, Pro Constitution and rule of law supporting types. I see in that crowd what one typically sees in a true conservative and Republican caucus and it is in Spartanburg SC a place that can make or break Republican Presidential hopefuls chances in wining the support of the GOP in South Carolina and they are cheering Ron Paul like he is the new head of a re-energized GOP electorate.

In the end of his piece which at least will get more people then ever before to research Ron Paul for more information he concludes much like the smug socialist, globalist, CFR mouthpiece sellout, George Stephanopoulos did that Ron Paul can’t win.

All I can say for the two of them is you will be running away from the impact of those statements for a long time if things continue with the Ron Paul campaign the way they have been so far. The voters in the United States are far better connected with our true choice for President than ever in our nation’s history. We are more informed and we have done our research, and sharing it widely and effectively as never before in our nations history.

Thanks in part from the bumbling actions of these corporatist media whores, and their complete obvious bias and elitism on this issue, the people will be bypassing the old corporatist controlled MSM and obtaining our news and opinions and sharing them directly from the New Media. We will not be told who to vote for as President while in some passive consumerist couch surfing coma this time around. The people can see and feel that the greatist threat to our liberties are compounded by what these MSM propaganda mills are peddling and we are not buying into it any longer. We are taking action by voting for Ron Paul the true conservative choice for President in 2008. The ground is moving under their feet. The Ron Paul earthquake is hitting inside the beltway and in the board rooms of the corporatist. The game is not the same any longer.




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