Mitt Romney buys into “Ron Paul” AdSense feed for Digg dot com

19 07 2007

The evidence is pretty clear if you use Digg dot com and you are digging Ron Paul articles that it appears from the repeated adsense ads from google that Mitt Romney is clearly taking Ron Paul’s high profile position on digg seriously enough to purchase “Ron Paul” key phrase ad sense feed for

I think Ron Paul’s campaign should feel honored that one of the supposed front runners for the GOP nomination feels threatened enough by the Ron Paul campaign’s performance on the front page of digg that his campaign would purchase the key phrase “Ron Paul” and serve up his Mitt Romney ads for those interested in Ron Paul on digg.

I was surprised to find this but I guess it is a cheap attempt by Romney’s campaign to counter the surge of Ron Paul’s grassroots support by purchasing some ad sense from google in order to help support his flagging campaign by riding on Ron Paul’s grassroots coat tails.




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