Restore the Republican Party Elect Ron Paul as President in 2008

15 07 2007

When we see that the numbers for the Republican Party membership are dwindling each election go around you would think that the party leadership would follow their political instincts and react to the will of the people and change their platform in order not to further erode the party’s numbers. That simply has not been the case. The reason is obvious. The Neo-Cons have taken over control of the GOP and are not about to relinquish it without a fight. I say give them that fight.

Instead of jumping ship and joining the Democrat, Libertarian, or Constitution parties or just becoming an independent, traditional Republicans should instead charge the field and reclaim the GOP and take your new friends in those other parties with you back to the GOP. One thing that is for certain is that Ron Paul is right, the freedom message unites us it does not divide us. We should reassert our control of the GOP and bring in the members of the other parties that agree with Ron Paul’s message of limited government, restored individual liberty, lower taxes, and greater world peace. Instead of running away from the party we should instead embrace this opportunity of the dropping numbers in the GOP membership and take advantage of the situation to reassert control of the GOP, wresting it away from the Neo-Cons. We should boot out all of the Neo-conservatives and install the paleo-conservatives back into the leadership positions in the grand old party.

Ron Paul is the leader we need to restore the Republican party. His honesty and integrity will help restore the faith that has been lost in the GOP due to the take over of the manipulating and deceiving big government Neo-Cons .

America has no greater threat at present than our own military industrial complex and the warmonger Neo-Cons have proven they are the number one tool in aid of this powerful cabal in tightening their despotic control over the land of the free. It is in the best interest of all Americans to restrain this beast and get it back to a size and a level of oversight that will protect our own people and the rest of the world from this pack of war pigs.

Ron Paul is the only man that has shown a consistent honesty for many decades of public service. The rest of the pack are just not trustworthy enough to bring the party back together. Everyone can see they are nothing but useful tools for powerful special interest that do not and never will work for the good of the American Republic. Our Constitution which is the rule of law in this nation has been ignored long enough. It is time for us to make a stand and pick our fight and this it is. We need to retake the GOP, elect Ron Paul as President in 2008, and begin to restore respect for our Constitution, and the Republic for which it stands.

The humiliation of the GOP brought on by the interloper Neo-Cons has gone on long enough. Lets call this experiment a wash and get our party back and not only restore the GOP but evolve it into something old that is new once again.




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