Proposed New Oath of Office Requirement Excludes Most Candidates, Ron Paul the Exception

13 07 2007

It is common knowledge to most citizens that our Government Officials are required to take an oath of office. When they are sworn in; most commonly on the Bible, they swear or affirm to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

What is not uniform is a tested level of understanding of the Constitution within the electorate and sworn appointees. Some Federal Officials like Congressman Ron Paul have an obvious understanding of the Constitution and a well known understanding of the original intent of the founders as to its meaning. A high level of Constitutional understanding such as Congressman Paul has is not uniform throughout the electorate and sworn appointees. It is quite obvious from their voting records and how they have handle their executive powers.

What is proposed here is a new requirement to running for any office or before being appointed to any sworn office on the Federal level. The person seeking that elected office or appointed position must first be qualified in order to confirm their understanding of the Constitution which they will be required to swear or affirm to uphold and defend. This procedure and uniform testing standard will to be designed by the judicial branch at the highest level and then approved by both houses of congress and then signed into law by the President. At that point all Federal Officials that are required to be; would be confirmed as qualified to be so sworn or affirmed.

If that proposed qualification test were to be given today to all of the announced Republican and Democratic Presidential candidates I know at least Congressman Ron Paul would pass with flying colors. I would love to see that test administered. Then we would only have to select from the field of candidates that scored the highest on the test. In that way at least the candidates would have enough honest understanding of the Constitution that we as citizens would be certain that they understand the importance of the responsibilities that we entrust to them. As their employer the citizens of the United States of America should expect nothing less from our public servants. As employers can we afford to hire anyone for public office, and especially the Presidency anyone who could not make 100% on such a test.

I am sincere when I tell you that I truly believe that only someone like Congressman Ron Paul would be secure enough in their understanding of the Constitution to propose a bill to require such a test on “A Required Constitutional Scholarship for Sworn Federal Officials”.

Ron Paul is an Exceptional Presidential Candidate in that regard. digg story




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