Gold Closes at $666.00 on Friday the 13th

13 07 2007

By what can only be described as quite a obvious influence of the hand of fate the spot price for Gold closed at $666.00 exactly today Friday the 13th, 2007. I am not one to be superstitious but I can not help a sneaking suspicion that there must be servants of Satan on the commodities exchange somewhere to manipulate the price in that way. The odds of the price for gold ending up closing at exactly $666.00 on Friday the 13th must be very slim indeed but none the less this is what we can plainly see.

I leave the reader to ponder this and many other strange events of today. Is there an unseen hand influencing world events? I am wondering.

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18 11 2007
Financial Logs » Gold Closes at $666.00 on Friday the 13th

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