Ron Paul a Son of Liberty, and the Guns of Liberty

4 06 2007

As a person of constant learning by nature I have witnessed many things that have shaken my belief and made me feel that all was lost and that our Constitutional Republic was gone and only a memory of it now remains. I feared that the fire of Liberty had died and she was not coming back. I am certainly glad that this pessimism did not remain long enough to take hold in me. I know that many others have felt the same thing because they have shared it with me.

Much to my relief a person whom I have long respected and admired for his candor and the spirit of truth that obviously lives within him decided to make a run once again for the highest office in the land. I had been a student of his and of Ludwig Von Mises for many years. I had first heard the Honorable Congressman Ron Paul in his early speeches mostly in front of an empty room in the House of Representatives live on CSPAN. Now days of course all of this is on Youtube a lovely phenomena that brings us both the silly and the sublime.

Being a student of the challenges faced by those of reasoned intelligence by the forces of unreasoning belief I was aware of the potential of G.W. Bush from the outset. The man had a serious lack of reasoning in his speech and people still liked him even though my BS meter was off the chart. I just thought people had more sense than to buy into this load of garbage like “they attacked us because they hate our freedom”. The first time I heard that I had a new wrinkle come up on my forehead and it hasn’t left yet.

Then one day I was listening to Ron Paul on CSPAN giving his “Neo-Conned” speech. I had to listen to it a couple of times to make sure I understood it all. This man was saying in the House of Representatives exactly what my conclusions had been for some time. I had already liked Congressman Paul for a while but when I heard that speech it filled me with a new found faith that there might just be one man within the Beltway that was an actual Sworn Oath Constitutional Defender. (I noticed while scanning the campaign expense reports of Rudy’s that he purchased some materials from CSPAN 😉

I had a smile on my face the entire day I am sure. It soon faded when I returned to work the next week and the situation was worse than before. Iraq ablaze, people from all over the world burning American flags and spouting hatred against us, world leaders saying that the President had basically lost his mind and everyone pretty much agreeing with that sentiment that had any brain at all in their head.

I have studied the situation enough to know that the globalist want to bring about their New World Order, one world government or superstate. You would have to live under a rock or listen only to FOX News to have a different opinion. Just visit CFR wiki and read the linked materials and judge for yourself.

It is a great day indeed that a true “Son of Liberty” has chosen to take up the challenge and unseat the usurpers of over 200 years of a Constitutional rule of Law. I had decided never to vote republican again after the Neo-Con invasion of the Grand Old Party. Dr. Paul has changed my mind. I am going to stick it out and ride it to the end and not only wish him the best of luck but do everything within my ability to assist him in any way I can. Vote for him? Certainly. Work on his campaign? I will try and become a delegate if I can and carry the fight quietly forward into the National GOP convention. I will write up, digg up, and promote any of the information that Dr. Paul has submitted for public consumption.

Why go through all of this for someone who many feel is a minor player with no real chance of success you might ask? The answer is party to the second half of the title of this story. The Guns of Liberty are also an ever present part of Americana. Those of us who have over the past several decades sworn an oath to defend the Constitution. The people are just the players of the game of the American way of life. The Constitution is the game itself. I did not swear to defend the people of these United States, I swore an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States. The distinction is not a new one for those who have studied our history and law.

Like all of our politicians in Washington D.C. Congressman Paul took an oath much like the one that I and my brothers and sisters all took. We still take our oath seriously as does Dr. Paul. That means more to us than words can express. We will just have to express it with our vote. The alternative is to throw them all out off office for the liars and crooks they are at the point of a barrel if necessary. That is the true meaning and the founders intent for the Second Amendment and that is why big government types like Guliani work so hard against our gun rights. They have in their intention disarming us before they force our hand because only they know when exactly that time will be. We just have to stay vigilant and prepared as we always are to defend our liberty and our Constitutional Republic in the only way possible once our vote is no longer effective.

That is why I pray for Ron Paul to win this election in 2008. It could be the difference between a difficult time ahead adjusting the system back to its original path of the founders with President Ron Paul leading the charge for change. It might go a different way and a globalist shill like Guliani or Clinton will take the highest office in the land with their rigged game while swearing an oath to defend our Constitution and of course immediately begin work to undermine the very principles for which it stands. If that happens the republic may need to be restored by another far more difficult means. The Guns of Liberty may once again be heard throughout the land and the tree of liberty may once again be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants. The Guns of Liberty will not long remain silent and do nothing as our Republic is being destroyed and dismantled.

As Ron Paul recently said he is not afraid to risk his life to stand up in his peaceful and thoughtful way to restore our Constitutional Republic. The Sons of Liberty or the Guns of Liberty. It will go to one or the other but rest assured the Republic will not fall quietly. Globalist when they meet and discuss subverting the sovereignty of the United States by every vile measure imaginable, they speak with disdain about the followers of Liberty who do not want a one world government. They simply have no sense of how deep the seed of Liberty has rooted itself in this nation. I always pray for peace but prepare for war. The Guns of Liberty are about 5 million by my estimation. There is no leader needed but the hearts and minds of the Patriots themselves. There is no organization or party for them to squash or suppress. We are an organic force of nature in a nation of warrior bloodlines who have fought in every war that this nation has required of us to fight in. When we swore our oath we maintained that oath not out of loyalty to a party or person but to the Constitution itself and the liberty for which it stands.




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15 08 2007

The quote at the top of the webpage is profound! Who can we contribute the quote, “Liberty must be defended at all times, as it can erode quickly if left unguarded by Patriots” to?

16 08 2007

attribution: Libertyman

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