Freudian Slip by Council on Foreign Relations President Richard N. Haass on 911 Attacks

31 05 2007

Video of CFR President Richard N Haass

Freudian Slip 911 Richard N Haass President Of CFR On September 14th of 2006 while introducing Ireland’s Prime Minister Bertie Ahern to the Council on Foreign Relations meeting President of the CFR Richard N. Haass had a bit of a Freudian Slip. While relating the story of how the 2 men had shared the news of the second plane hitting the World Trade Center while traveling on that day he mentioned the date as September 11, 1991, and not the year 2001 which was the correct year as everyone knows.

You can see a bit of panic in his eyes as he realizes what he has said. His speech is a bit quavering at the moment of realization but to his credit he subdues the panic and continues his introduction of Irish PM Ahern without hesitation. He does some wide hand gestures also likely from nerves then I cut and transition onto the famous speech by H.W. Bush on September 11, 1991 when he mentions the New World Order. That speech was of course exactly 10 years to the day of the attack on the World trade Center in 2001.

That fact has already been a source of much speculation from the various CT web sites. It seems that Council on Foreign Relations President Richard N. Haass also has some suppressed thoughts about that New World Order speech given by fellow CFR member H.W. Bush and how it relates to the attack on the World trade Center.




2 responses

18 08 2007

Your date says “On September 14th of 2007…”, so CFR now has meetings in the future?

Today is August 18, 2007

Seattle – current time stream

18 08 2007

Thanks for noticing that. It is corrected.

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